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Artwork by Hasan Baz'il Shakoor


The Castle of Hope for Lost Souls is a project that I am starting. Eventually I hope that it will lead to a Rehab Center, homeless shelter, battered persons center and an anti-crime center (This is for ex-cons and to help young people stay on the right road.)

Before I get into the centers I want to start support groups for recovering addicts, alcoholics, excessive gamblers, people with mental illnesses, ex cons and young people need help to find the road away from crime.

Why am I doing this? Read my book and you will not only see why but you will help the project. I was a drunk. I stole money from my son?s Indian guide popcorn sales for alcohol. I was a drunk for about 4 to 6 years. I really can?t remember for sure (151 rum will play with your memory.)

I quit getting drunk when my second wife and I got together. I still drank but only at parties. Even at parties I drank cola most of the time.

After number two and I broke up I ended up falling in love with women who were addicts and/or alcoholics. I did use some weed but I did not like it. It just made me tired. I never used crack or other illegal drugs.

I had a girl friend that would disappear and the dealers would come to me with jewelry and I would pay for her drugs and get back her jewelry. She left me for a dealer. I lived with an addict and bought her drugs to keep her out of danger. During this time I began getting drunk again. After a year I quit drinking completely.

I was homeless for a while and lived in a bar. The 151 rum used to call my name but the urge to drink was gone. I also tended bar with no urge to drink. No matter how bad things got I did not think about drinking.

On January 1, 2000 I was reborn. I moved downtown and began a life where nothing bothered me. I decided I was never going to have another bad day. I have not love for material things. I do not drive anymore because I fall asleep at the wheel and with my arthritis my legs hurt when I am in a car. I use the bus and when I have to I walk.

I know have many friends who are addicts. I help them by being here if they need someone to talk to. I also help them look inside and find themselves. I give them reasons to love themselves more than their addiction. I build their self esteem.

My success in quitting was an attitude change. I looked into my heart and found that I was a pretty nice guy. I realized that nothing can ruin my day. No matter how bad things get there is something good that is going to come out of it. I do not worry about anything. I enjoy life and I love helping people.

Now you have an idea of who I am, why I am and what I am.

I still am thinking about an abandoned building that looks like a castle. It is not big enough for the rehab center but it would me good for the support groups and possibly a few rooms for an emergency place to stay for those who need it.

Until this comes I will look for facilities at churches in the area. I will need help from recovering addicts and professional that can help the addict. I will go to Wayne State and other colleges in the area for help with getting student volunteers. I will also try and get grants and other financial aid.

I will try to go to the local prisons and youth detention facilities to help these people go straight. When they get out I will help them find jobs.

Please take a look at the Addicts and Alcoholics Speak pages. These are all true stories by those who lived them. Please take a look at them it may they help you in your recovery. After finishing them please come back. If you want to share your story please e-mail it to me.
I am not a PHD, MD or a social worker. I did not spend time in the classroom to learn psychology. I spent 40 years studying people and life. The last 12 years I spent time in the streets. I know people who are lost souls and I have helped many of them.

There are no guarantees and there is no charge. I hope I can help you. I am not a pro.

The proceeds from the book I completed and future books will go to the Castle of Hope for Lost Souls.

Lee/Lee W. Gaylord/Eazy Lee/The Crazy Old White Man/Mr. Lee

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